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O Bomb
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Mixed Drink Recipes (450)
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  A Perfect Margharita  1/3
 16 goats in a tree  3 (Three) Wise Men
 4 Horseman  569
 603  A Summers Breeze
 abomanal snow man  Albino
 Alize151  Almond's Joy
 Amaretto Sour  American Rose
 Anti-Freeze  Apple Cider
 Apple Frost  Apple Jack
 Apple Sui-cider  Artist's Garden
 Baby Shit  Bagtag
 Baker  Bananna Split Martini
 Beefeater Berry  Beefeater French 75
 Beefeater French 75  Berry Caipirinha
 Berry Delight  BEST Italian Margarita
 Best Of Both Worlds  Between the Sheets
 Black Bomber  Black Russian
 Bloodhound Cocktail  Bloody Carioca
 Bloody Mary  Bloody Mary
 Blue Bawls  Blue Hawaiian
 Blue Jolly Rancher  Blue Velvet
 Blueberry Martini  Blueberry Summer Lemonade
 BOILERMAKER  Bonecrusher
 Bottle Cap  Brandy Eggnog
 Broken Heart Martini  bullfrog
 Butter Float  Butter Kat Martini
 Cafe Mocha  caffine punch
 Cantini  Canton 75
 Captain Dew  Captian and Coke
 captions coke  Caramel Apple Orchard Martini
 Caribou Lou  Celerosa
 Charlie the Unicorn  Cherry Cheesecake
 CHERRY FUCK YOU  Cherry Life Saver Martini
 Chivas Cobbler  Chloroform
 chocolate cake shot  Chocolate Martini
 Chocolate Rasphberry Martini  Chocolate Temptress
 Chocolate-Orange Martini  Chocolot milk
 Chris' Hawaii 5 O  Christmas Goose
 Chrysanthemum  Cinnamon Speedy
 Climax  Cockroach
 Coco Candy Cane Drink Recipe  Coconut Batida
 Coconut Chiller  Coconut Dream
 Coconut Sunrise  Coconut Sunrise
 Coffee Buzz  Colombian Cocoa
 Colorado Bulldog  Conquistador
 Cosmopolitan  Crackpipe
 Cranberry Kick  Crazy Lemon
 Crazy Wings.  Creamy Bush
 Creamy Bush  da drews koolaide
 Damrak Pink Lemonade  Death
 Death  Death in the Afternoon
 Deep Chocolate  Deez Nuts
 Deez Nuts  Deez Nuts
 Devilclear  Diamond Martini
 Dirty Mother  Dirty Pond Water
 Dirty Pond Water  Dirty Tuaca
 Dirty Wesley  Dis'alotta
 Donkey Punch  Double J
 Dr Morgan  Dr. Pepper
 Dr. Swag  Druken Marie
 Eddie Murphy  Electric Gatorade
 Energy Shot  Eric's Bourbon Drink
 EverTini  ExoticSarah
 Fall Ciderhouse Sangria  Falling RockStar
 Fapizzle  fat frog
 Fire Ballschlager  Firebreather
 Fireside Sipper by Cheri Loughlin  Flaming Bob Marley
 Flaming Dr. Pepper  Flat on Your Beak
 Flavor Savor  Flavor Savor
 Frank's Pink Lemonade  French Martini
 Fruit Salad  Fuzzy Highlife
 Fuzzy Navel  Fuzzy Nuts
 Fuzzy Russion Doctor in a white lab coat  G-Spot Shot
 Get laid  Gibson 80/20
 Gin and Juice  Gin Old Fashioned
 Gin Rummy  Ginger-nilla
 Gingerbread Cookie Cocktail  Gingerbread Man-tini
 Gingerman Cocoa  Ginny D
 Girlie Girl  Girlish Figure
 Glitter Island  Good Morning
 Grapple  Green Apple Martini
 Green Jesus  Green People Eater
 Green-eyed Gypsy  Hangover Free Cheerzarita
 Haz Mat  Hazelnut Coffee
 Hiram Walker Bloody Smurf  Holly Golightly
 Honey Bunny  Hooch
 hot mouthwash!  Hoyt's Delight
 Hpnotiq Martini  Hulk
 Hulk  Hurricane
 Hurricane Ana  Hurricane Leah
 Hyper Kicker  incrediable hulk
 ingredible hulk  Instant Death
 Irish Car Bomb  irish car bomb
 Irish Cum Shot  Island Breeze
 Italian Margarita  J.P. LUBY SEX
 Jack Frost Frozen nipple  Jager Bomb
 jagerBOMB!!!  James Fog
 James Fog  James Fog
 jamican cowboy margarita  JC Peach Mango Sparkler
 JC Sparkling Sangria  Jenny's Bloody Mary
 Jenny's Bloody Mary  Jet Fuel
 Jim and coke  JoeyG
 jungle juice  Kahlua Mexicano
 Kari  Ke Ke Ras
 Kentucky Coffee  keylime Pie
 Kimtini  King James Martini
 Kiwi Blush  Kiwi Strawberry Batida
 krandoo  KV
 La Limonata by Tiare Olsen  Last Rites
 Le Deuce  Leblon Caipirinha
 Lemonade  Liquid Candycane
 Liquid Cocaine  Liquid Heroine
 Loch Loman  London Lemonade
 London Sgroppino  Long Island Iced Tea
 Low Calorie Sex on the Beach  Low Cost Sex on the Beach
 lulufruitini  Makavalize
 Malvika's Nose  Malvika's Nose
 Man Overboard  Mango Madness
 Mango Madness  manuels shit
 Maple Rita  March Cocktail
 Master Lees Kol-Aid  Mata Hari Lime Cooler
 Mata Hari Liquid Strudel  Melon Ball
 Mexican Flag Shooter  Midori Skinny Dipper
 Midori Sour  Mindas Touch
 Mint Irish Coffee  Mint Mocha Delight
 Mistletoe Martini  monsters INK
 Moose Milk  Moscato Margarita
 Mr & Mrs Yeotini  Mr. P
 Mud russian  Muddy Mississippi
 Mudslide  Mulled Cider Wine Cocktail
 municipal waste  Murder
 N***a Juice  National Margarita Day!
 New York Sunset  Nirvana
 November Cocktail  O Bomb
 Obama Mama  Obituary Cocktail
 oklahoma rattlesnake  Orange Bullet
 Orange Rush  OVAL Strawberry Sweetie
 Overnight Celebrity  Paradice
 Paradise  Parrots Delight
 Peach Mango Sparkler  Pearfect October
 Pearl Necklace  Peppermint Patty
 Pernod Traffic Light  Persephone Royale
 Persephone Royale  Pineapple Martini
 Pineapple Upside Down Cake  PINK PANTY DROPPERS
 Pink Panty Pull Down  pink rose
 Playboy cooler  Pom Rita
 Pop Ya Cherry  Porta-John Martini
 Porto Margarita  Powderbomb
 Pumpkin Caipirinha  Pumpkin Chai
 Purple Candycane  Purple Haze Martini
 Purple Motha Fucker  Purple Nurple Martini
 Purple Peter Eater  PUSS-PUSS SHOT
 Raspberry Dream  Raspberry Fruit Slush
 Rat Piss  Rattlesnake
 Razz and Red  Red Dragon
 Red Headed Sluts  Red Snapper
 Regal Roy  Rich-mo
 Rich-mo  Rockin Christmas Punch
 Rocky Mountain Ginger Crisp  Roofie Coolada = Rape Juice
 Root of All Evil  Rosé Cranberry Sparkle
 Rosé Cranberry Sparkle  Rose Royce
 Rossco Rocket  Ruby Diamond
 Rum Tea Punch  Russian Boy
 Russian Root Beer  Rusty Jack
 Rusty Nail  Rusy Nail
 San Juan by Rick Stutz  San Juan Cocktail
 Sandeman Lemonade  Sandeman Princeton
 Sandeman Watermelon Mint Sangria  Sangria
 Santa Elvs  Scoby Snack
 Screaming Dead Nazi Diging For Gold  Screaming Orgasm
 Sea Fizz  Sewer Water
 Sex On The Beach  Sex With the Bartender
 sex with the bartender  sexi mam
 sexwithanalligator  Sexy Aubrey
 She Hulk  Shirley Tramp
 Sidecar  Singapore Sling
 Skinny Caipi Cola  Skip And Go NAKED!
 skittles  Slippery Nipple
 Slow Screw  Smashing Pumpkin Martini
 Smoked Oval Martini  Snake Bite Black
 Snakebite  SNICKERS
 SNICKERS  Snow Shoe
 SoCo and Lime  Southern Peach
 Spicy Irish  Spodie
 Spring Blossom  Sqrew Driver
 squeeze my blueberry's  Stamos Gin Fizz by Frederic Yarm
 Starlet Cocktail  Strawberry Anti-freeze
 Strawberry Ginger Martini  Summer Flower by Jamie Gordon
 Summer Gin Punch  Summer Passion Martini
 Swedish Fish  Sweet Creek Flower
 Sweet Tart  Sweet Velvet
 Tang Tart Martini  The Bohemian Mojito
 the bucket  The Chuggernaut
 The Courtesan  The Dark One
 The Exotic Sarah  The Exotic Sarah
 The Exotic Sarah Ice Tea  The Exotic Sarah Margarita
 The Exotic Sarah Martini  The Exotic Sarah Sour
 The Extremely Exotic Sarah  The Ez Reez Special
 The Flames of HELL  The Fruit Tree
 The grape Russian  The Green Lantern
 The Grundle  The Hard Jagger Bomb
 The Mirzad  The Mirzad
 The Mirzad  The Mirzad
 The Red Carpet  The Smoky Bandat
 The Vinaigrette  The Vinaigrette (Balsamic)
 The Watermellon Crawl  Thermonuclear Meltdown
 Ti-Toki Cream  Tolet seat LOVER!!!
 Tootsie Roll Lollipop  Triple Shot Café Latte – created by Cheri Loughlin
 ultimate vitamin C  Uncle Bob
 UV Vault Blue  Vanilla Whiskey
 Wamboozie  Washington Apple
 Waterloo  Watermelon Martini
 wet pussy  White Christmas
 White Russian  whoop juice
 wildalize  Wildcomfort151
 Winter Spice Sangria  Winter Sunshine Martini
 Wizard of OzZzZ  xWWx Incredible Hulk
 xWWx Orange Rush  Yummy Pumpkin Pie Martini
 Zapple  Zwack Attack

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