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Drinking Game Instructions

   Drinking Games > 21

21 Drinking Game

Number of Players: 3 to 100
Single Game Duration: 1 Minutes
You Will Need: shots or pints of lager/cider/stout or general beer
21 Rules
Here's how to play 21. simplest game ever. One person gets elected to start and says to my left ( or right) 1. Next person in line sys 2, next says 3, and so on until they reach 20. Here comes the first penalty.The next person in line who is due to say 21 has to drink 2 fingers depth of their pint (standard penalty for all games i play!) instead. If, however, they actually say 21 instead of just accepting the penalty, they have to drink half their pint (or four fingers). The person who pays the penalty starts the next round. Play this for a few rounds, then introduce the next rule.

Second stage, people can say either one number, or two numbers...their choice. If they say one number (next in sequence, obviously) play continues in chosen direction. If they say two numbers, play changes direction and continues that direction until the next person who says two numbers. AT this point, any hesitation from the person due to say next number, or if anyone says a number out of turn, or out of sequence, round stops, and the person has a 2 finger drink penalty and starts next round. Play this rule for another 5- 10 mins and introduce rule 3!!

Rule 3. people can now say 3 numbers in a row. This has the effect of skipping the next person out. Continue this way for another 15-20 mins or until most people pass out drunk (this game has crippled entire groups of people in under 40 mins!!!)

To recap:

1 number : Play continues in nominated direction
2 numbers: Play reverses direction
3 numbers: Next person is skipped

Advice to survive the game:

Pay attention....if you miss that its your turn, or you say a number out of turn or out of sequence, or you hesitate (take more than 3 seconds to say a number) its an automatic 2 finger penalty

Pay attention.....if its your turn and the previous player said 20....curse at him and drink 2 fingers......never say 21 unless you have a death wish as this leads to a 4 finger penalty.

Have fun....well....it is a game after all

Seasoned players at this game have been known to be able to control play to a certain degree to stitch up a fellow player.Much easier if everyone sits in a circle/round one table.

Seasoned players have also taken the game to a further level by introducing a 4th rule.....the losing player as well as having a penalty and starting the next round can also nominate to change a number to anything else they choose. ie the number 4 to the word monkey....all players have to abide by this so play goes 1,2,3,monkey,5,6 etc

Be warned though....really sneaky players have been known to change numbers for other numbers, ie.. 1,2,3,5,5,6,7 etc

The real evil players change numbers to 21...heheh.....1,2,3,21,5
If this happens, if the player just drinks 2 fingers and nods, play continues with the next player with the next number....again if they say 21, its a fatal error, round ends and a 4 finger penalty is enforced.

Enjoy the game, and see you all on the floor !!

How to Play 21 submitted by: methinx 
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