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Drinking Game Instructions

   Drinking Games > Kings Cup

Kings Cup Drinking Game

Number of Players: 4 to 30
Single Game Duration: 30 Minutes
You Will Need: - an empty cup or full beer - a full deck of cards - alcohol
Kings Cup Rules
Here's how to play Kings Cup. You start this game by placing either an empty cup or full beer in the middle of cards (spread around the cup to form a circle so from above it would look like a target). From here you and some friends sit around the circle of cards (in a circle) and begin to randomly select cards. Below I've listed what each card stands for:

Ace - 'Waterfall': When you start drinking, the person next to you has to start drinking, then the person next to them until it's gotten all the way around the circle. Here's the catch, the person after you can't stop drinking until you have stopped, basically screwing the last person in line. Think of this like dominoes.

2 - Is for 'You': You choose someone to drink if you've chosen this card.

3 - Is for 'Me': You drink one.

4 - Is for 'Wh*res': All the women drink.

5 - Is for 'Hand Jive': This is a lot like simon says, you do something and the person sitting next to you has to copy and then add something.

IE. You give a thumbs up, Person2 gives a thumbs up and then waves, Person3 has to give a thumbs up, waves, and dances like a chicken. In this part of the game, you can do a lot of crazy things to get the person out who's next in line (either something really embarrassing or something complicated), it can be a lot of fun.

6 - Is for 'D*cks': All of the guys drink.

7 - Is for 'Heaven' or 'Social': Everyone Drinks

8 - Is for 'Drinking Mate': When you pull this card, you must select someone who has to drink every time you drink (this works really well with large groups, not so much for smaller ones).

9 - Is for 'Rhyme': You start by picking a word that is rhymable. You then proceed to go around the circle until someone repeats the word or can't think of one. Either case they would have to drink.

10 - 'I've Never': In this, you put up five fingers. Starting with yourself, you have to state something that you have never done, you think someone else has.

For example, (this is a cheap shot) if you are playing with a group of females and want them all to put down a finger you would say something like "I've never... had to purchase tampons for myself". Whoever puts down all of their fingers first, has to drink 5.

Jack - 'Categories': This one is really simple. All you have to do is come up with a category that has several subjects within it.

For example: You choose the category "TV Shows". You say "Fresh Prince of Bel Aire", next person "True Life", next "Family Guy"... etc. You keep going until someone can't think of one or repeats who in turn have to drink.

Queen - 'Questions': This is a round of rapid fire questions. You must begin by asking someone a question, the person who you've asked cannot answer, but has to turn to someone else and ask them a question, who in turn has to ask someone else a question. This is ended by someone either asking the same question, answering the person who asked them the question, or freezing.

King - here you have to do two things; if you have an empty cup in the middle, contribute some alcohol from your glass to that cup (you can choose how much to pour) and choose a rule*. If you have a beer, place the king on top of the beer and choose a rule*.

*Examples of rules:
The thumbs rule: Every time you put your thumb on the table everyone has to do the same, last person to do so (and slowest to respond) has to drink.

Little green man: You must take the 'little green man' off of the beer before you drink it, and then put it back on when you've finished (think of this as putting a beer cap on and taking it off again.

Viking Rule: The person who'd created this rule at any time during the game can put their fingers on their head like horns. Immediately, everyone in the circle has to 'row their boat' while making a "WOOOOHH" sound. The last person to do so, has to drink.

Coaster Rule: You can never let your beer touch the table, every time it does and you've been caught, you have to drink.

Finally, when the last King has been drawn, that person has to drink whatever is in the middle. If this was an empty cup which has been filled by everyone who'd drawn a king, they can be unlucky. However, if it's a beer, they have to chug the beer.

I hope this was helpful!

How to Play Kings Cup submitted by: MrE02496 
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