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Drinking Game Instructions

   Drinking Games > Circle of Death (South Carolina)

Circle of Death (South Carolina) Drinking Game

Number of Players: 2 to 8
Single Game Duration: 15 Minutes
You Will Need: Deck of Cards, cup of alcohol/beer
Circle of Death (South Carolina) Rules
Here's how to play Circle of Death (South Carolina). Place deck of cards in a circle, evenly. Everyone sits in a complete circle and anyone can pluck the first card but after it is plucked, it goes to the right. Cards are represented as follows:
A=Avalanche; everyone playing raises cup to the middle, everyone starts chugging until the person that plucked it stops but only the person to the right gets to stop when they stop and so on.
2= 2 is you so you just randomly choose someone to drink.
3= 3 is Me so YOU drink.
4= 4 is Floor; everyone touches the floor but the last one attempting to touch the floor has to drink.
5= 5 is Guys so all guys drink!
6= 6 is Chicks so all girls drink!
7= 7 is Heaven; everyone reaches for the sky but the last one attempting to reach for the sky has to drink.
8=8 is Hate;randomly pick somone to drink & its a good opportunity to make someone drink who hasnt been drinking any!
9=9 is Rhyme; person that plucks the card says a word and person to the right rhymes with that and so on. Person that is stuck, pauses or doesnt rhyme must drink!
10= 10 is Rule; make up a rule and if someone doesnt follow the rule they must drink! (Ex: cant curse, must knock before and after drinking, cant say any names, must say "name" before and after sentence.
J= J is Never Ever Had I Ever; person that plucked it must say "Never Ever Have I Ever..." and insert an embarrasing experience following it. If you have done it, you must drink! (Ex: gave head, been caught having sex, had a threesome, etc)
Q= Q is Question; Person that plucks must ask a question to whomever they are looking at, the person that was asked the question must look at someone else and ask them a question INSTEAD of answering. Pretty much u answer a question with a question. Order is random and if you f'd up, DRINK!
K= K is Kategory; Person that plucks card must select a category and going to the right everyone must say something that belongs in that category, you f up, you DRINK! (Ex: Condoms: Trojan, Lifestyle, Wet N Wild, etc. Color: Red, Blue, Black, Green, etc)

Game is fun and will get you f'ed up!!

How to Play Circle of Death (South Carolina) submitted by: cherelle 
View all games by cherelle 

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