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Drinking Game Instructions

   Drinking Games > Ride The Bus

Ride The Bus Drinking Game

Number of Players: 3 to 9
Single Game Duration: 10 Minutes
You Will Need: One Deck of Cards (52)
Ride The Bus Rules
Here's how to play Ride The Bus. This game although it seems complicated, once you get the hang of the different stages, can get you right hammered everytime.

1st round: Each player is asked whether the card they are being dealt will be higher or lower than a 7. If the player guesses correctly, they then deliver a drink (two fingered depth) to whom ever they would like who is playing. If they guess incorrectly, then drink their own drink. If a 7 hits double that drink up. Continue this round until each player has one card infront of them.

2nd Round: The card in front of you now becomes your nemesis. That card you now have to guess whether your second card coming will be higher or lower than the first card. Same rules apply, if you guess correctly, you dish out a drink, if ur wrong you take one... and if you "hit the post" you drink double.

3rd Round: The two previous cards remain in play once again. This round you must guess whether the third card will fall inside or outside your two cards. As per above, if you guess right, send it out, if you guess wrong... drink and if you hit either of the posts, drink double.

4th Round: Your previous 3 cards no longer come into play. This final card up is the really tricky one. You must attempt to guess the suit of the card coming. Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs. Guess right and dish out two drinks, guess wrong and drink urself one. This stage rewards a correct answer.

5th Round: now is when some real heavy drinking comes into play. Much like Pyramids, you stack the cards like so


Starting with the "n" cards, using the four previous cards you have been dealt, each card is flipped over one by one from left to right. If the first "n" card is a Queen, any body with a queen is allowed to pass out one drink. You discard that card onto the card which was flipped over. you continue along with that until the first row is done. you do this for each row. the "o" cards are worth 2 drinks, "e" worth 3, "d" worth 4 drinks and the lone "c" card is worth a woping 5 drinks that you can dish out to either 5 different ppl or how ever you'd like to break them up.

Most ppl would now assume the game is complete. Right, Wrong... Who ever has the most cards in his/her hand after the Pyramid section must do what is called RIDE THE BUS.

A dealer who is uncorrupt, deals 8 cards face down on the table after a proper shuffle. Each card is revealed one by one. He's how the drink tally goes

2-9 = 0 drinks
10, Jack = 1 drink
Queen = 2 drinks
King = 3 drinks
Ace = 4 drinks

however once you have turned over a card that represents a drink, you must also add a card to another pile. Doing the process over again with the new pile of cards. This game ends when either a player has no more drink cards visable, or has completed the whole deck.

Might i say that completing the whole deck ensures you 52 drinks within 5-10 mins. each drink may only be a gulp, but rest assured, u'll be wishing next round somebody else rides the bus.

And a final note. You do not want to make enemies in this game. And alliances can be good till the very end. So choose who you dish drinks out wisely, for it can come back to bite ya in the butt.

Enjoy and Cheers.

How to Play Ride The Bus submitted by: Golden_Boy67 
View all games by Golden_Boy67 

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