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Drinking Game Instructions

   Drinking Games > Beer Four Square

Beer Four Square Drinking Game

Number of Players: 4 to 4
Single Game Duration: 15 Minutes
You Will Need: • A square table roughly made of wood with the dimensions 6’x6’ (Get as close to this size as you can) • Four cups • Die • 2 ping pong balls • Non-See Through tape (Ex. Duck Tape, Electrical Tape) • Beer! Lots and Lots of Beer!
Beer Four Square Rules
Here's how to play Beer Four Square. The first rule of “Beer Four Square” is to NOT get intimidated with the rules. The game is played exactly like regular four square except with a few modifications.

The second rule of “Beer Four Square” is to spread the game to EVERYONE.

1. Place two strips of tape perpendicular to each other each piece being in the middle of each side of the table and stretching all the way to the other end to form four equal squares.
2. Place a cup at each corner of the table
3. Each person should have and extra beer placed underneath the table by each leg of the table.
4. Lastly, fill each cup with beer.

How to Play:
• Each person picks which square of the table they want to play from.
• Next assign each player a number from the die (1-4). Role the die until one of these numbers pops up. The player that was assigned that number on the die is the starting server.
• The server hits the ping pong ball with their hand so that it bounces in their square first and on to an opposing player’s square.
• The person that the ping pong ball was served to uses their hand to hit the ball back into any of the other opponent’s squares.
• Continue play until there is a foul, or a point is scored.
• After each point, pass the ball to the right so the new person is now the server.
• When the ball is back to the original server, do a “score check.” (How many points each player currently has.
• When one player reaches 15 points, the game is over and the person with the lowest score wins the game.
• When a person is at 14 points, it is “game point.” Add in the second ping pong ball and the two people at opposite ends of the table both serve. Keep rotating serves as necessary and keep using two balls until the game is over.
• Of course, replace beer as needed

How to Score:
• Points are awarded to any person who is scored upon.
• When someone has 15 points, the game is over and the person with the lowest score wins. In case of a tie refer to the “In Case of a tie” section.
• 1 point is awarded to a player who commits the following:
o Let the ball bounce twice in their square
o The ball is hit off your hand and hits your own square instead of going into someone else’s.
o The ball is hit off your hand and fails to hit any of the other players’ squares (ex. Misses the table)
• If the ball bounces in one player’s square then into another players square, the player whose square the ball hit first does not have to hit the ball.
• It is the responsibility of the player for which the ball hit in their square last to hit the ball.
• If the ball hits the tape, it is the responsibility of the players on either side of the tape to hit the ball. If not, both players are awarded a point.
• The cup counts as part of the table so if the ball hits the cup then your square, it counts as two bounces in your square and you are awarded a point. (This applies vice-versa ex. table then cup).
• 3 points are awarded if the ball lands in your cup. (This rule does not apply on fouls shots).
• If you are ever unsure of a point, just redo the serve.

• If a person obstructs another from defending their square, the person who was obstructed gets a foul shot. Just like in beer pong they shoot the ball in the opposite corner aiming to get the ball in the cup. If it goes in, the person who was liable for the foul has to drink the remainder of the beer in their cup. If the person misses nothing happens and the game is continued. NO points are awarded for either scenario. Reserve the ball and continue play.
• If a person knocks over their cup when trying to hit the ball and their beer lands in an opponent’s square they must drink that opponent’s beer. If it lands it two people’s squares, they must drink both their beers. If their beer lands on the floor, they must drink the beer that they have placed underneath the table. They must also clean the spilled bear. No points are awarded and reserve the ball.

In Case of a Tie:
• In case of a two way tie, these two players play 1v1 until one player is scored upon.
• In case of a three way tie, these players continue to play. Whoever is scored upon loses and play continues with the two remaining players until one is scored upon.

Point System:
• In order to make the scoring of the game fair so that each player has an equal chance to win, the winner is determined by having the LOWEST amount of points.
• Each time a player is scored upon, they are given a point.
• If the ball lands in the cup, that player gains three points.
• Play goes until a player reaches 15 points
• The player with the LOWEST score at the end of the game is the winner!

Alternative Game-Play:
• If a person feels uncomfortable drinking their opponent’s beer, they can drink from any new can.
• You may use paddles instead of your hands
• You may play in teams of two
• You may play bounces off the walls.
• You may use another beverage than alcohol

How to Play Beer Four Square submitted by: colonel42 
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