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Drinking Game Instructions

   Drinking Games > Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire Drinking Game

Number of Players: 2 to 20
Single Game Duration: 25 Minutes
You Will Need: deck of cards and beer
Ring of Fire Rules
Here's how to play Ring of Fire. Ok every one sit in a circle around a table. Put a beer can in the middle of the table and spread deck of cards in a circle around the beer can(so you can't see the cards). The first player draws a card and does whatever the rule of the card is, after that player is done with the card put it under the beer tab and the first on to pop the tab has to chug the beer!
ace; every one takes a drink.

2; is for you (pick someone to take 2 drinks)

3; is for me( you take 3 drinks)

4; is for wh*res( only girls drink, four giant gulps)

5; black you take 5: red pick someone to take 5

6; is for d**ks( men take 6 giant gulps)

7; point to heaven( everyone has to point up the last one to do it has to chug)

8; is straight(the person directly across from you has to take 8 gulps)

9; bust a rhyme(the person who draws the card has to say a word and go clockwise around the table saying words that rhyme with the first word and whoever can't think of a word to rhyme has to chug 9 gulps)

10; make a rule ( make a rule like you cant say drink drank or drunk and whoever says it has to drink) (every time you pull a 10 you have to make another rule and the first rule stays. Be creative you can make any rule you want!)

jack;Choose a catagory( like cars, or tv shows ect....) The person who draws card has to pick subject and start naming somethig from the subject and whoever can't name one has to drink!

Queen; Question master (you get to ask questions and no one can answer you, if they do they have to drink)

King; Waterfalls-everyone has to chug untill the person who drawed the card stops!

And thats it! It's alot, but it's a very popular game and fun as hell! It'll get you f'ed up quick thats for sure!

How to Play Ring of Fire submitted by: Shauna_Marie 
View all games by Shauna_Marie 

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