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Drinking Game Instructions

   Drinking Games > Waterfall

Waterfall Drinking Game

Number of Players: 3 to 8
Single Game Duration: 1 Minutes
You Will Need: You will need a standard deck of cards with no jokers and preferably red cups to chug out of.
Waterfall Rules
Here's how to play Waterfall. The name of the game is Waterfall. It is advised that you use either beer or mixed drinks that you are sure you can chug. At the beginning of the game, you take the deck of cards and spread them all over the table in a pile. Decide who goes first and continues to the left. You draw a card randomly from the pile and ALWAYS flip it over so everyone can see the card at the same time. Depending on the card will depend on what happens:
2-You take two swallows of your drink.
3-You take three swallows of your drink.
4-Fours for wh*res-If you have slept with 2 or more people, take a drink (applies to everyone playing)
5-You take five swallows of your drink.
6-Six for d**ks-If you have a d**k, you drink (applies to everyone playing)
7-Divide 7-If you draw a 7, you may divide the number 7 between all who are drinking, such as 3,3,1 or 4,3 or even all 7
8-Categories- If you draw a 8, you say a category and people go around the circle naming something in that category until someone can't think of something within 5 seconds of their turn, in which they must drink.
9-Rhyme time- If you draw a 9, you say a sentence and the last word of the sentence is what people must rhyme with. For example:I really don't have to WAIT. I wish I could MATE. I don't know what will become of my FATE. etc. Whoever can't rhyme must drink
10- Never have I ever- You state something you never have done but think others have done. All the people who have done it must drink.
Jack- Jackoff- When a jack is drawn, everyone must move their hand to their ... and start doing imaginary ...you get it. Last one to do it must drink.
Queen- Questions- You must say everything in questions form, but no repeat questions. You must also look at the person you are directing the questions to. If you look up at the ceiling or wall and ask your question, its on you and you must drink. If someone can't think of a question when its their turn, they drink.
King- Rule- You make up a rule that lasts the entire game unless another king is played and is used to cancel out your rule.
Ace- Waterfall- This is the big kahuna. If you draw the ace, you will make your friends have hell to pay. If you draw the ace, before you begin your waterfall, it is customary to make a toast. Once done, you begin chugging your drink. Everyone else must chug because you are chugging. Once you stop, the only person who can choose to stop at that time is the person to your left. Once they stop, the only person who can chose to stop at that time is the person to their left and so on. Pretty much, the person to the right of the ace drawn gets shafted.

*Special tidbits*
-If you draw a queen, you can declare questionmaster. Until someone else declares being questionmaster, you can ask people questions at any time and if they dont respond back with questions to other people, they must drink.
-If you draw a 7 and are close to everyone you are drinking with, why not give everyone 7?
-King rule- There's a little man on your cup that you must flick off, drink your alcoholic beverage, and catch each time you drink.

Have fun. Any questions? dothehustle@cox.net

How to Play Waterfall submitted by: fishbowlbob 
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